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It is amazing how much the leaves of this Coleus look like fishnet with its burgundy "veins" and lime green foliage.  These colors will really add pop to your garden either planted directly into the garden or planted in containers.  This variety of Coleus loves the sun.  Frost is another matter.   They can die immediately after being exposed to frost.  They prefer temps of 55 degrees or higher.

The Fishnet Stocking Coleus is easy to grow.  If you pinch the flowers off as they die it will cause the plant to be even more full.  Coleus do need good soil with good drainage.  Sometimes they have even been grown inside.  I knew them as inside plants before I knew they were popular outdoors as well.  The Fishnet Stocking Coleus can be a perennial in the warmer zones and will not survive the colder zones so it will be an annual in those areas.  They can be grown in full sun to full shade and are fast growers and will grow upright.  Add some to your garden and receive lots of compliments!

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